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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Review of Becalmed, by Normandie Fischer

Oh my. This one had me glued to the tablet to finish. 5 Stars, easy.

I have read so much indie work that has great story, but not always the best execution. There are notable exceptions, and Becalmed by Normandie Fischer is one of those.

This story is simple but beautiful, the characters are well-rounded and believable - Jilly especially was adorable - the setting gorgeous, and the sailing scenes made me want to get back out there. The description of riding out the hurricane made me feel like I was right there. (I'd never considered that being in a boarded up house when the lights go out would mean not knowing whether it was day or night outside.) All in all, the "world" was built so well it easily transported me into the story. The final 50 pages or so I totally shirked my schedule of things to do in order to finish.

The editing was superb. I didn't make any notes, which almost never happens with me. So either there were no errors, or I was too caught up in the story to mark them. Either way, well done!

My only quibbles that keep this from being a full 5 stars is the bad guy. I guess I didn't quite buy Alex's motivation? Something about him didn't sit right with me. I mean, I get it that he is going through a divorce, but why does he decide he wants Tadie? I didn't gather that information from the narrative. Why become stalker-ish on her? And why would he ever think that what he ended up doing was a good way to win her back? (Trying not to give a spoiler, here. I didn't quite believe the escalation. The other quibble I had with the end action was Tadie's response to it. I'm pretty sure if that happened to me, I'd either be way more angry, or way more freaked out. Especially in her circumstance. Not sure I could joke about it quite as quickly as she does. But maybe she's a stronger woman than I. And it is a minor quibble, really - all things considered.

The final quibble would be a spoiler if I spelled it out, so if you don't like vague spoilers, don't read this paragraph. I did think things moved rather quickly in the romance at the end, considering how much time they spent apart. Then again, they're in their 30s, they should know their hearts by now, right?

If you like a well written, sweet love story (I'd give it a PG-17 rating, for the end action) the you will be more than happy with Becalmed.


  1. Thank you so much for that lovely review!

  2. Great review of a great book. As the editor, I appreciate your kind and generouse comments about the editing. I loved the story as well. Thank you! :)

    1. Oh the irony ... typing on my old laptop with the wrong glasses. LOL Don't know where that "e" came from on the end of generous.

    2. That often happens to me. A typo slips through at the most inopportune moment.
      But certainly not for Becalmed. Well done, you!