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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rolling Out a New Service

Proof Reading Service for Self-Pub Authors

My Premium Service includes these steps:

I will check for spelling errors (including ‘wrong word’ choices), and mark sentences/phrases that I find awkward.
I will offer suggestions on how to correct awkward sentences: structure, basic grammar, phrasing, etc.
I will flag Point of View and Narrative Tense issues.
I will ask questions that a reader might ask and want answered within the book.
I will give my overall impression of your manuscript and my opinion on its readiness for publication.

I will not do any fact checking, and will assume that all research has been done.
I will NOT try to change the style or tone of your manuscript. If your writing style is formal, it will stay formal. If you write in Third Person Omniscient, that is how it will stay.
I will NEVER insist that you make any of the changes I suggest.
Additional Services at negotiated prices:
Work closely with a new/enthusiastic author to not only polish a manuscript, but teach some fundamental writing and self-editing skills.
Light fact checking on real world places and/or events that are mentioned or related in story. (This does not include checking the science on Sci-Fi.)
Check formatting of various files after conversion to various formats. (e.g. mobi, PDF, ePub, etc.)
$75.00 (minimum charge) for up to the first 150 pages*.
(Even tighter Budget? Ask about Basic and Limited Proofreading Services!)

This minimum will be considered a deposit, and must be received prior to return of the manuscript.
$.50 for each additional page over 150.

For manuscripts over 500 pages, a fee of $25 will be added for committing to work on an extra long piece.
$25 Re-Read after edits have been made.
I can do a very basic proof read if you want me to double check for any missed/new errors after I have already read your manuscript, or if you have a 'final draft' after working with a professional editor. See special circumstances.
All payments will be facilitated through PayPal or Intuit.
Special Circumstances:
In the event a large number of markups are needed (i.e. 20 or more pages with 6 or more edit suggestions or verified/justified errors, on one page) the price per page increases on a sliding scale, which will be defined in our contract agreement. If this becomes apparent, you will be notified and given the opportunity to reconsider the project. (There will be no surprises at project completion.)
Conversely, if I only find 6-10 errors in an entire manuscript, I will reduce the minimum charge to $40.00. If I find 5 or less, I will only charge $20. If I find zero errors, I will not charge for the reading, because zero errors mean I was having too good a time reading your fabulous story and I wasn’t doing my job!
Try Me Out: Upon request, I will read and mark one chapter (any chapter, up to 10 pages) for free, to help you determine whether you want to hire me.

*For page count purposes, all manuscript pages will be counted using the industry standard of 250 words per page.