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Thursday, November 20, 2014

On the Question of Re-Releasing a Book with a New Title

When I wrote Blinding Justice, I wrote it as a standalone novel. It wasn't until after I had published that people began to ask me if there would be any more stories, particularly about Blue's family. 

That got my creative juices flowing, and here I am nearly two years later with a whole slew of ideas for books, and Book 2 just about ready to release. (Valentine's Day 2015!)

I started to consider a title for the series, and I couldn't let go of the idea of "The Boys of Syracuse, Kansas" as a nod to The Bard. (Not that my works are necessarily Shakespearean, more that I respect his work, and the moniker struck a chord.)  But what about each individual book? Should I link the titles in some clever way, à la Evanovich or Robb?

When I began to consider names for Book 2, the title "Last Second Chance" really resonated for me. Tim, the hero, is nearly at the end of his rope, and all he can hope for is one last 'second chance' to get his life right. My heart went out to this brooding ex-con with a newly minted heart of gold.

With no small measure of consideration, I decided that each book would feature the word "Last" in the title, and that meant I needed to change Blinding Justice—which I kind of had to stretch to make work in the first place. Eventually, with Dana's help, I landed on "Last Shot at Justice", and we redesigned the cover to fit the series concept.

I hope you find this glimpse into my decision-making process interesting. It is by no means a small thing to make such a change as the marketing ramifications are far reaching, but I hope the record will show that the new concept is a solid step in the right direction.

Thanks for reading!