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Sunday, July 24, 2016

My reviews now include "content ratings"

For those of you who care about "content ratings" in books, I'm beginning to add my best guess at the ratings of the books I review on my blog. As I have time (meaning don't hold your breath, lol) I'll be going back to the ones that posted before I made this decision, and adding them in. 

The ratings will be modeled after the movie system (All Audiences, PG-13, PG-17, R, X, etc.) and will include codes like you see in TV shows that says what the rating is for: L = language, V = violence, A = adult content [i.e. Sex] and so on.

I know my readers come from diverse tastes, and some are more interested in this kind of information than others, and since I read across the board, it is a small service I'm happy to provide.

Happy reading!

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