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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Review of Ting Tang Tony, by Kat DeSalle & Kristin Leigh Jones

I liked Emily, she seemed very down to earth and real, and I liked her honesty. I liked Tony, his generosity and loyalty to his friends. The writing was pretty solid for most of the book. It started off on a good track, but...I thought it would be funnier.

Not so much gushing about how great Emily was -- and don't get me wrong, I could see why he liked her -- and how tiny she was. Not so much fretting about how tiny his d!ck was. The way he was carrying on, I was imagining it was the size of a peanut or something. I was expecting a lot more hilarity, and I just kind of got bored about 3/4 of the way through. Wasn't at all sure I would finish, just out of a lack of interest. I couldn't get worked up about whether they would end up together or not.

Slight spoiler, here: I had to wonder why he didn't tell her sooner. I mean, he flies her out, they spend a great day together, all while he knows he's going to take her to an event filled with his former coworkers...and he only thinks to expect trouble when they are at the gate? Just strikes me as dumb. 

One other quibble I had was he was supposed to be so smart with his money, but he was renting a Lamborghini and this fantastic condo, bailing out his friends and footing the bill for lawyers... He was throwing his money around like a showoff, not someone who is managing their money in advance of a long retirement.

Probably about 3 stars. It was okay.

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