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Monday, March 14, 2016

Review of The Cloud Seeker, by Jayne Lockwood

What a fantastic story. The characters are well drawn and very complex. The hero is by turn likable and so messed up that I almost want to hate him. I rode that roller coaster right along with the heroine. Their relationship was definitely rocky and there was one point where I wasn't sure they would reconcile.

The story unfolds with beautiful symmetry, revealing each character's history with well-paced precision, at a tempo which--while not fast--nevertheless kept me turning pages. To the point that I was reading it exclusively, when I usually have one book going on each of my two devices.

The Cloud Seeker deals with some messed up experiences and people who are damaged by them. I don't want to give much away, but the author fearlessly deals with the aftereffects of one character surviving one of the most notorious events in recent history, and she does it with aplomb. The truth, when it comes out, has been built up so well that I thought "Of course that's what it was!" but I hadn't quite put it together myself.

The only quibble--and it is a very minor quibble--is that the characters from the US occasionally have speech mannerisms that are, in my opinion, not very American. But I was only aware of this on the periphery. It slipped me to the edge of 'the bubble' every so often, but not really enough to pop it for me. I could almost believe it was east coast vs my west coast colloquialisms.

Read the Cloud Seeker. You won't be sorry.

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