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Monday, June 13, 2016

Review of Beau - Remington Ranch #4, by SJ McCoy

Well, I wrote a wonderful review, and then didn't save it before letting my phone screen dim. Lost it. So let me try to reconstruct the brilliance of what I said. (What? There's no proof it wasn't brilliant!)

I love redemption stories, and while Beau's story is not a conventional redemption story, I loved it all the same. Beau is the black sheep of the Remington family. Typical man fashion, he has never really analyzed why until his brothers started settling down with their soul mates, and he started to reconnect with them, all the while wondering why he'd drifted away in the first place. I love it that he was able to do the soul-searching needed to mend the fences.

I saw by the end of Carter's book that little Miss Ruby was going to be Beau's cross to bear, so to speak, and I am right there with him with him when it comes to kids - I felt his discomfort as if it was my own. I do love how he came to grips with how to "deal" with the little "monster" for the sake of her fantastic mother.

Corinne is, I think, one of my favorites of the Remington Ranch crew. She is grounded, honest, and self-sacrificing for her kid - while still allowing herself to acknowledge how much she wishes she could just be selfish for a while. She always puts Ruby first, and she is raising a strong woman who is going to be a handful her whole life - but just like her daughter, knowing Corinne and appreciating who she fully is, will make for the most rewarding of relationships.

Ruby was so well drawn that I could totally picture her in every scene she was in - she really stole the show in a way that even an old childless codger like me could adore. (Hey, I can deal with the kiddies, as long as I don't have to be around them more than an hour or so.)

I was rather surprised that there was no mention of birth control once the sex started happening, so I wonder if there won't be another kid in Beau's future sooner rather than later.

I do believe that Beau is my favorite Remington brother - in part because I could relate so well to him, and I totally admire the kind of growth he had to initiate to take his story to completion. Yes, this is definitely by favorite Remington Ranch novel.

It is important to note that these books are not what you'd call heavy reads. They are light, fluffy, and sweet. I don't read SJ McCoy for angst or suspense or action - although one recurring a$$hat took a surprising turn that I'm sure we'll see more about in Chance's books - no, I read her because it is a great escape from just those things. The characters grow emotionally, so I wouldn't say there's zero drama, but they aren't facing much in the way of outside obstacles. They each have to face their inner demons in order to reach their happy place of connection with their chosen beloved. In this way, Beau is another sweet and steamy read knocked out of the park by SJ McCoy!

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