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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Interview with Contemporary YA and PNR author Carrigan Richards

Today we’re sharing our interview with Carrigan Richards, author of YA Contemporary Paranormal Romance and Psychological Romance. I just spent several hours getting to know her via Facebook chats and over at the Beach Reads Bonanza, which has been so fun. She is a great human being, and was kind enough to answer some interview questions for me.

Kristi Cramer Books: Thanks for joining me, Carrigan! Tell us about you in a nutshell. What makes you tick as a writer?

Carrigan Richards: I’m a Southern girl who loves to read, write, garden, listen to music, hang out with family, play with my furbabies, and eat, particularly cheese. I love creating worlds, people, events. I watch people (even though I’m sure they think it’s creepy). I read stories and empathize with people and when I try to imagine myself in their shoes, I get stories brewing. I try to take what they experience and put it into words for others. I also use real life experiences. As for my paranormal series, while most of it is fantasy, I do include real-life elements. I try to make the stories as realistic as possible.

KCB: What pets do you have?

CR: 4 dogs: Marley (German Shepherd), Elsa (Collie/Shepherd mix), Eli (lab/boxer mix), Beckett (Pit/lab mix)

KCB: Which is your favorite?

CR: I love them all, but honestly, I have to say Eli, since he was mine before I met my husband. He’s my baby and even though he’s rather skittish, he’s always there to comfort me.

KCB: If you could have any pet on the planet, which would you have? 

CR: Well, since I have dogs, I’d say panda. They’re so cute and cuddly. They’d have to be well trained not to eat me though. Or I’d have a gorilla.

KCB: What inspires you to write strong female characters? 

CR: The fact that I am one, and that I want others to be inspired by a strong female voice. They’re becoming more and more popular, but there could be more. I want women to know their strength and to know it’s okay to be strong and independent.

KCB: What is your favorite season – why? 

CR: Because I’m a weirdo, I love all seasons equally. Winter for some reason makes me reflect and it also means family time for me. I spend more time inside, so I’m writing more. Spring because it’s beautiful. I love the warmth, the fresh flowers, and the sense of renewing. Summer because longer days. Hanging out more outside and enjoying the sunshine. Fall for its beauty, the foliage and the crisp fall air with the gorgeous blue skies.

KCB: How many books have you written? 

CR: I have written a total of twelve books, most of them are YA, but I have a detective series I wrote a while ago.

KCB: How many have you published? In what genres? 

CR: I have published 6 books and 1 novella. All are young adult.

KCB: Do you have any favorite elements you like to put in your books? How do you come up with the ideas? 

CR: I love astronomy and celestial themes. I included these pretty heavily in my paranormal series and a little in my contemporary. I also like to push my characters as far as they’ll go. As for ideas…this is sometimes a hard question for me to answer. Sometimes I really don’t know where they come from. I get a lot of inspiration from reading, music, TV, movies, real life. As for Pieces of Me, my contemporary, psychological romance, the idea came to me after reading several psychological books. I also studied psychology and am fascinated with how humans react to events and what makes them do what they do. As for the Elemental Enchanters Series, I have always been fascinated with witches, magic, super powers, so I combined all of them to make the series. It’s kinda like X-Men meets The Craft..haha.

KCB: If you could take one of your characters with you to a nice night out, say dinner and a movie, which one would it be? Where would you eat, and what movie would you see? 

CR: Gabriel. Hands down. Well, because he’s such a gentleman and takes care of his woman, we would go to a fancy Italian restaurant, since that’s my favorite. He’d have something fancy because he has rich tastes, but I would go with the old standard: chicken parmesan. We would go see an action movie – along the super hero lines. Because those are one of my favorites and I wouldn’t want to torture him through a romance. J

KCB: For someone who is new to your work, where should they start? 

CR: If they want adventure, action, romance, I’d start with Under a Blood Moon. I love the series and I’m so proud of it. If they want something  emotional that will make them cry, Pieces of Me.

Thanks so much for joining us today! Isn't she fun? Be sure to check out her stalker links, and order one or more of her books today. 

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TWITTER: @carrigan34

Books by Carrigan Richards:
Elemental Enchanters Series:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B012XYQ08G

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