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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Review of Fletcher, by AJ Adams

I'm thrilled with this installment of AJ Adam's Prydain novels. Fletcher is witty, dark, sexy, riveting and just all around fantastic. Ms. Adams gets the mix just right in this twisted tale of one man's quest for revenge and one woman's quest for freedom.

Lind is a terrible thrall, and I totally believed her character, from her foul mouth to the way she's developed means to deal with a master's right to use his thrall in any way he chooses. She totally blindsides Ware, until he doesn't know she has him wrapped around her little finger. The Master Fletcher's story is heartbreaking, and I could totally root for him to get revenge for the personal devastation he experienced. Despite his quest, he has a heart of gold, and his character growth throughout the book is refreshing to see. The story unabashedly deals head on with issues of social justice ranging from slavery to sexual abuse to caste prejudices and greed. It covered a lot of ground, but I never felt like I was attending a lecture.

In short, from start to finish, Fletcher had me enthralled. If you don't mind a darkish tale that is oddly infused with a flare of light and hope, and aren't put off by sexual content that is at times dubious consent, and some quite inventive profanity, then you will enjoy Fletcher. R rated for profanity and sexual content.

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