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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Review of Risking Ruin, by Mae Wood

I liked this book. It's a solid Goodreads 3.5 stars. 4 on Amazon.

I felt like I understood Marisa's job and her life, and she was very likeable. I really felt her attraction to Trip and their situation. I think they were deluding themselves about the thin line they were walking, but it was totally believable that they would try it, given their mutual attraction

I did think there was a missed opportunity of them actually being discovered by the one person who could really have hurt them, but then this would have been a totally different book. A book I might have been able to say I loved.

As it is, this had a little more fluff than I care for. But if you like more details on shoe and clothes designers, and foods, etc, you will probably enjoy this book very well.

Trip was adorable, and every girl's dream of a super rich, super fit, super sexy and devoted boyfriend. I also liked her parents, and Erica. I also felt like I knew Memphis like a native after the author's thorough descriptions.

It was a fun read. 

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